Speedpack Medical Label Applikator

Speedpack Medical including label applicator – packaging test kits in aluminium laminate or Tyvek ® bags

This Speedpack Hybrid was designed for the medical industry to pack test kits in aluminium laminate bags, or Tyvek® bags, from a laminated or Tyvek® tubing. Every package will be supplied with a label which is automatically printed and applied to the bag.

This Speedpack Hybrid comes up to cleanroom class 8.

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Technical specificationsSpeedpack Medical Label Applikator
Seal Width1,5 mm
Max. bag length350 mm
Max. packing capacity15 / min with tube film - 60 / min with rollbags
Film material Aluminium tubing, Tyvek® tubing
Film thickness2 x 125 micron
Max. film roll width380 mm
Max. film roll diameter400 mm
Power Supply230 V - 1 ph - 50/60 Hz
Compressed air6 Bar, 200 - 500 nl/min
IP valueIP 20
  • Products solutions included in this project: 
  • 8 mm impulse seal
  • Tear notch for easy bag opening
  • Bag stretchers
  • Clean air inlet and exhaust
  • Handshake for automatic feeding
  • Labeller & safety cover
  • Photocell pre-printed film
  • Air press device
  • Extended film reel holder
  • Benefits 
  • Maximum flexibility due to versatile configuration: running from alu tubing and Tyvek ® tubing
  • User-friendly colored touchscreen for validation, job storage, batch counting, etc
  • Variable bag size selection
  • Smart bag opening allowing easy infeed of products
  • Interface port for ERP integration or local database system
  • Print and label solution integrated
  • High-end PLC guaranteed maximum flexibility and connectivity
  • Compact size machine requires minimum work space
  • Frame on wheels for extra mobility
  • Installation, Maintenance and Safty benefits: 
  • Interface ports to integrate infeed systems
  • Storage of bag length settings
  • Quick film change
  • Quick service access to all pneumatic and electrical components
  • Easy change of consumables
  • Off the shelf modular components for easy replacement
  • Self-diagnostic quick problem solving
  • Low pressure seal bar closing
  • Low power consumption design (1100 Watt)
  • CE compliant design for improved safety and troubleshooting
The Speedpack is constructed in stainless steel, featuring extra micro filters for clean air inlet and air exhaust. Following the strict quality requirements the Speedpack is built and programmed with special software, which allows to validate parameters such as seal temperature, sealtime and seal pressure of the sealbars. These parameters can be controlled and adjusted in case of deviations. Logging files can be copied to USB for optimal quality control.

Due to the integrated bag creator assembly, bags can be made at the desired length, saving material cost. The stainless steel funnel facilitated easy filling of the products into the bag, after which the bags eventual redundant air was pressed out of the bag by the mounted air press device.

Finally this resulted in a reliable 8 mm sealed package, ready for distribution among laboratories.