MTS 280 MAP Tray Sealer

The Audion MTS table top tray sealer is the perfect solution for packaging products efficiently and cost-effective. The unique gas flush process allows you to pack under MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) conditions three times faster than its competitor.

Unique about this technique is that is allows to vacuum the tray without the use of a vacuum pump.

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Specifications:MTS 280
Max. tray sizeMax. 230 x 180, Standard: 227 x 177 mm, Cup: Ø 184 mm, other sizes possible
Type of filmPET-LDPE Topseal
Thickness of film62 micron
Max. depth of tray or cup100 mm
Seal width2 - 8 mm ( depends on tray rim)
Dimensions machine680 x 470 x 380 mm (lxwxh)
Weight 42 kg
Voltage230 V
Consumption1200 W
IP valueIP 54
  • Benefits: 
  • Fast MAP tray sealer with unique gas flush system, 3 times faster than the competitor
  • No vacuum pump needed which give you the following benefits:
  • Great presentations and freshness of the product which is being packed. The structure of the product don’t get damaged during the packing process.
  • No, explosion risk by sealing red mead in combination with oxygen. Oxygen is need to give red mead the red fresh color. When using a vacuum pump in a tray sealer and more than 20% oxygen you have the risk of explosion. To keep the red color of the mead you need 80% oxygen.
  • Environmental friendly, no use of oil.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance cost, no vacuum pump.
  • Ergonomic, low sound level.
  • Small footprint, smallest MAP tray sealer in the world.
  • Fast cycle time of 5 -6 per minute
  • Reliable and Sturdy, stainless steel construction
  • Digital display, seal time and gas flush time can be set in the display
  • Contour knife system, for professional result
  • Easy to operate
  • Possibility to gas flush with gas mixes increasing food shelf life
  • Very fast cycle, Registered patent for MAP without pulling vacuum
  • Extension of shelf life without harming cell structure and flavor of your product (like pulling vacuum does)
  • Extremely low oxygen percentage left (less than 0.5% in the tray!)
  • No external air pressure needed
  • Keen film transport, exactly the length of the film needed
  • Options: 
  • Different size sealhead to fit tray’s with a different size as; 227 x 177 or 9×7″
  • Sealhead which can seal multiple trays at the same time
To sum up; this table top tray sealer offers great opportunities for Take Away, Horeca, Meat & Poultry industry etc. who are distributing delicacies under high quality requirements in trays or cups.