Our Business

Genpack A/S is a Danish company. Founded i 1949, we are today a modern industrial company developing and manufacturing bag-closing material and packaging products for customers all over the world. Our three main fields are:

  • Bag Closing Systems (a.o. Gun Clips and Twis-Ties)
  • Bag Closing Machines
  • Packaging Machines (a.o. Bag Packaging, Vacuum Packaging and Shrink Packaging and Bag Sealing)
  • Pallet Wrapping

On our home page you can get more information about each single product. You are also welcome to contact us if you would like to know in details what Genpack can do for your company. We have more than sixty years of experience, and are among the leading companies in our fields.


At Genpack we consider it our mission to develop customer-friendly bag closing systems. Our products shall combine the companies’ demands for rational production – where bag closing often only makes up a small part  – with the customers’ desire for re-closable and user-friendly packaging.  Our bag closing systems shall contribute to diminishing the packaging consumption. By means of our bag closing systems, we will make it possible for our consumers to re-utilize the original product packaging for the storage of the merchandise.  This is the mission of our re-closable system.


We Shall be the Leading Company in Bag Closing
Good is not good enough to us!  Our aim is – through a constant innovation process – to set the standard within our field. 

We Shall only Deliver the Best Quality – Every Time
The customers must have confidence in our company and in our products.  This will only happen if, in every respect, we deliver the highest quality. By this, we understand the whole process from receipt of order to delivery and invoicing. 

We Shall be Worthy Our Customers’ Loyalty
The customers shall consider us their favourite collaborator. We shall not be satisfied till our customers are satisfied.  The principal duty of our colleagues will be to ensure a competent and professional solution of our customers’ problems. We will see things out, and never let our customers down.


  • We are innovative and thinking along new lines
  • We are quality-conscious in every respect
  • We are governed by our customers’ desires and demands.