Bandsealer D 549

D 549 the biggest bandsealer of the Audion range.

When speed, heavy duty seal performance and maximum flexibility are of paramount importance

The Audion D 549 is an industrial continuous sealer specially designed for vertical sealing of larger packages and batches. Bags are sealed in an upright position, which is useful for products that would roll out of the bag lying down. D 549 can seal bags with a flap length of up to 135 mm, which makes this band sealer ideally suited for sealing bags with a carrying handle or bags fitted with a header card.

By integrating the optional cutting device, the residual film is removed above the seal. This minimizes the chance of dirt accumulating in the bag mouth and reduces the overall size (and weight) of the finished product, ultimately saving on transport and storage costs.

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Technical detailsBandsealer D 549
Seal width12 or 20 mm
Conveyor belt size2157 mm (incl. input plate)/ 250mm
Max. sealing temp.250 C
Operation speedVariable up to 20 m/min
Power 600 W
Voltage230 V
Dimensions2157 x 560/650 x 1325 / 1725mm
Weight300 Kg
Max. weight on conveyor belt25 kg
IP 20
ProgramsUp to 50 pre-set programs can be entered
  • Advantage: 
  • Fast throughput speed (up to 20 meters per minute)
  • Long flap above the seal (135mm) ideally for sealing bags with carrying handle or bags fitted with header card
  • Versatile continuous sealer
  • Simple to Use – minimal operator training
  • Height of the machine in accordance to the conveyor belt can be adjusted (only in combination with optional support). Small and/or light bags can be fed from above (the bag-inlet), for a better ergonomic posture of the operator(s).
  • Audion Touch Techware
  • Cool down function
  • Makes strong, professional-looking airtight seals
  • High quality PTFE seal belts
  • Conveyor belt speed can be adjusted / synchronized
  • Extremely easy to use and maintain
  • Industrial-grade machines